An Introduction to CCR . . .

Chesapeake Care Resources, Inc. (CCR) is a not for profit 501(c)3 human service agency providing residential, day habilitation, respite, health, transportation, and social/recreational programs/services for adults with a disability. The service coverage area includes Cecil and Harford Counties in Maryland and New Castle County in Delaware.

Chesapeake Care Resources believes the service delivery system is driven by individual choice and strives to provide services reflecting this philosophy.

Customer Base . . .

CCR’s programs are open to adults who have varying types of developmental disabilities and can benefit from CCR services. Individuals must meet criteria which includes a chronic, yet stable, predictable, uncomplicated medical status/condition and manageable behaviors. CCR serves over 100 individuals daily.

Staffing . . .

Chesapeake Care, an equal opportunity employer, has over 100 full-time and part-time trained professional staff.

CCR is licensed by the Maryland DHMH, Office of Health Care Quality.

Chesapeake Care Resources, Inc. (CCR) provides services without regard to race, color, religion, creed, national origin, sex, age, ancestry, disability, marital status or military status and/or veteran status. This non-discrimination policy applies to all facilities and programs operated by CCR.

In the Beginning . . .

Incorporated in 1988, the first program opened in 1989 consisting of four homes serving 12 adults with developmental disabilities. A day program followed in December 1989. In 1998, the David Lokey Horticultural Center merged with Chesapeake Care Resources.

Our locations include . . .

Offices/Day Habilitation Services Facility

80 Marysville Road

North East, Maryland 21901

410-287-5040 FAX 410-287-5049

(I-95 exit 100, Route 272 south)

David Lokey Center

1135 Augustine Herman Highway (Rt. 213)

Elkton, Maryland 21921

410-398-9325 FAX 410-398-9632

Funding Sources include . . .

        • Maryland Dept. of Health & Mental Hygiene (DHMH) – Developmental Disabilities Admin.
        • Maryland State Department of Education
        • Delaware Health & Social Services – Division of Developmental Disabilities Services
        • Maryland Mass Transit Administration
        • Respite Program(s)
        • Donations

Budget for the fiscal year . . .

The current operational budget is over 5 Million dollars.

Board of Directors . . .

CCR is governed by a Board of Directors. The members serve on a volunteer basis and represent various professions and businesses.

Testimonials . . .

“When I want to show off the great things that are being done for the DD population of Maryland, I immediately think of your program and call to see if I can bring up a group for a tour. You guys are great, you have a wonderful program.”

Gordon Geller, former Safety Director, CSBC

“The progress your MOVE clients are making makes the word impressive almost an understatement. We met some wonderful people doing some extraordinary things. The dedication and care I saw among the CCR staff makes me wish more could see what you accomplish. I don’t ever recall seeing so many dedicated people working together in one location. Frankly, I wish my visit had been longer so I could have spent more time with the people who make a difference in the lives of so many. Your staff and clients touched me in places I haven’t felt in years.”

James W. Varley, Administrator, Division of Communications, Kern County Schools

I know I’ve said this before, but in my opinion, you operate a facility second to none. More should see the care you provide your adult clients. Your staff is so dedicated and focused on the clients. We are extremely fortunate you opened your facility to be the first adult MOVE pilot site. Thanks to you more will enjoy an improved quality of life. CCR is such a wonderful example of how people with disabilities should be treated and respected.

James W. Varley, Administrator, Division of Communications, KETN

Mike had a great Christmas Eve and Day. We did get him in the Pacer. His brother helped me, and Mike loved being up when we were opening gifts. He did take a few steps. His nephews were amazed he’s as tall as he is; they’ve never seen him upright before. Thank you so much for taking the time to bring the Pacer here for us.

Mrs. A, mother

On behalf of Linda Bidabe, Stacie and Keith Whinnery and the MOVE International Board of Directors, a very, very sincere thank you for all of the efforts of you and your staff in coordinating an absolutely outstanding two days for the consultations by Linda, Stacie, and Keith and for the designation and certification of Chesapeake Care Resources (CCR) becoming the first MOVE for Adults Model Site in the ENTIRE world! Our visit far exceeded all of our expectations. It was just a terrific and inspirational visit and there are no adequate words to fully communicate what an impressive two days it was to see how far the MOVE Program has progressed with your wonderful adult learners since its first days. WOW! You and your staff are to be congratulated and ought to feel very pleased and proud of your notable, significant, and historic groundbreaking efforts. The dedication and commitment to your adult learners by everyone is clearly obvious and very impressive.

David W. Schreuder, Executive Director, MOVE International

Thank you for inviting me to the MOVE ceremony. The entire program was a reflection and demonstration of your receptivity to innovative ideas, perseverance, hard work and dedication. By embracing the MOVE program you are dispelling preconceptions about many people who have complex disabilities. You are the catalysts of positive change, enabling individuals to become and achieve more…and for that, I thank you from my heart.

This heartfelt thanks is because in 1973, I was the physical therapist for several of the people now participating in MOVE. As the only PT for 135 children who left Rosewood to go to Baltimore’s Highland Health Center I had so many dreams and hopes…many of which, I never saw to fruition. Who would have thought that over 30 years later I would see these men and women again and witness the miracles you have wrought!

Eileen Leaman, PT (retired)